Friday, July 30, 2004

Pay day

After one of the worst months ever (economically speaking), God listened to my distress mayday call and now my wallet is not that sad anymore. Although the first thing I will do is to pay the accumulated bills and dues, that won't liberate me of any pressure, as I'm using tomorrow's money for today's bread.

When I was a kid I took as granted that I will end up with a life similar to my dad's: three children, a wife, a house, a car, show fishing to my son on spring and rent a house near the beach in summer. Now I'm 28 (it didn't hurt as much as I expected) and I'm living in a 14 sq.m room that doesn't even belong to me. My most expensive possesion is maybe a go board that a chinese friend gave me for my birthday. Is not that I complaint about my situation, my satisfied mind helps me to be grateful to what I have been given. But definitively I have no kids, no car, and no summer house.

I will go now to my Spanish class, tomorrow to stay at a friends', and on Sunday I will go to the cinema to watch King Arthur or another easy movie. From next week I will focus like a berserker in my graduation thesis, I'm sure that by then I will have given up to comparing with my father, hehehe.

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