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Friday, June 02, 2006


Achieve-IT!: Tapping Your Superconscious: Da Vinci's Streamwriting technique - "Streamwriting is simply writing nonstop what is in your mind, unedited until your conscious mind gets out of the way and allows your superconscious to do the talking.  Da Vinci used this method with his journals to solve specific problems and to seek answers that were otherwise hidden from his conscious experience."

Nice way of spending time on a Starbucks waiting for that friend that is-always-late.  The other, more pragmatic approach, would be to develop a web application or anything more productive in a more conscious manner.

This link arrived via Marco.


In the company my friend S and I use to talk about how do we use Internet. He is particulary fond of Firefox extensions. My last recent discovery is Performancing, a neat add-on for that browser.

In an extra tab an editor we have a small window where we can upload to an existing weblog service (Blogger includded), and other usual services like bookmarks, technorati registration and metrics, a web service developed in rails for tracking visit stats, developed by the same people of Performancing.

Blogging is now one click closer, a comfortable difference for a lazy spaniard :)