Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Update from mails

I just discovered the possibility of updating this blog by mail, this guys of blogger are really great. Although it is not possible yet to post pictures, is nice to feel the power of the communication at the tip of your fingers.

This make me think about those science fiction stories where everyone has an ID chip inserted somewhere, while people from 'above' are monitoring them 24/7. Even now, remarkable people like Richard Stallman don't believe in cell phones because of that feeling of being observed.

I particularly believe that the trade off of freedom/possibilities is a personal choice. Is true that alone we feel in total control of ourselves, as equally true is that a group is more than the addition of the individuals. The point is how much time will it pass until it's no longer a choice. Maybe we shouldn't worry, by then the Poles would melt as well and we will be all busy trying to cope with more urgent things like ozone holes.

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