Thursday, July 01, 2004

The New York Times > Sports > Soccer > European Championships: Plucky Portugal Goes to the Final, and the Dutch Go Home

The New York Times: "Plucky Portugal Goes to the Final, and the Dutch Go Home"

Mwahaha! Now I have to paint my laptop as I promised *sigh* More important than that, we'll have to cope with Mike's bad mood. Guess that the worst thing of having the ego of the size of Mars is that inevitably some sense of humor has to be lost. Well, it could have been worse as in our lovely group Portugal has Rita as its avatar, and it's hard to get angry with her. C'mon Mike! It's not the end of the world, you're still handsome man! :)~

Talking about our group, yesterday we celebrated Cherry's farewell (I would post some pictures but I still have to solve some issues with the firewall). More than an 'adiós' we tried to make an 'it has been good to meet you' kind of dinner. Mike helped by Rita prepared an outstanding commemorative video and we all ended eating okonomiyaki as any other day.

Soon more people will leave, one by one, and by the end of this year the only thing remaining will be a T-shirt with our picture and a bunch of e-mail addresses. Although this might sound sad, I don't see it that way because no matter where we end up in it has been great to meet them.

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