Monday, April 25, 2005

Moist geekz

Moist geekz

My pal Emanuel showed me before how to upload pictures to my blog with the help of flickr just by using the cellphone. So we set up a new account, configured my blog settings and in short, spent about 30 minutes of trials to then find out that it wasn't working properly.

Of course he could send pictures to *his* blog using *his* cell phone, so end of the story. Now I have to cope and bear with another myth of the rising trends of the net: "with flicker you can easily post pictures in your blog from your cell phone, it's so cool(TM)". How can I tell these young geeks that is not working with my account? They will just look at me skeptically while I mumble myself about the old school.

Is not that I post that frequently, but that's because when I arrive home I cannot be bothered. I'd rather post things on the fly, while I see something interesting. Conclusion: I will fight another 30 minutes with it, and if I cannot set it up... well... I will fight another 30 *sigh*

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