Saturday, April 30, 2005

Japanese international party

It's not the first international party I attend to in Japan, and it might not be the last one, although I definitely lost all expectancy about them. They're mostly a somewhat predefined protocol of business card exchange and polite 相槌 (yes...really?...I see...oh, your japanese is so good!) to break the ice. Strange way to define a party. This time it was even weirder as I was the only foreigner there (not that I complain about it but I don't get the international part of it either).

I swear I tried my best to make it different, with jokes and unusual questions, but only a guy from Osaka seemed to appreciate it. For the rest it was language exchange so I was moved once again for the willing to study (and the level!) of the japanese I met.

The guy in the picture is Haolong, he became famous after appearing in a TV program called Ainori. We talk about starting up a Spanish course in a near future.

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