Friday, May 06, 2005

Roll on dubs

Roll in dubs

More than the perfect weather, more than the luxury hotel my friend Pierre invited me to, more even the fact of being hundreds of miles away from my office, is the car what is making the golden week really worthy. I like the feeling of freedom it gives.

Recently I received a mail from a good friend complaining about my behaviour as I wasn't sending too much of a feedback to her. I mean, mails. I don't update my own blog too frequently myself. Maybe is the feeling of pressure I have when I *have to* do something, I'd rather do things because I want to. And the limitation of this usage of my freedom unfortunately I still take it from what is around me.

If I am riding a bike I look at the ones with cars. If I have my best friends at the other side of the world I want to make new ones here, like the people around me. But more than that I guess that it takes more effort to mantain a friendship alive if is not symmetrical. I know I'm the one away, but that doesn't make it easier for me.

Anyway I still find uncomfortable the idea of not being able to find my own peace of mind out of myself. I keep on wandering for the answer somewhere else.

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