Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trying to find the balance

Go players
Much better mood than last time. And better life balance may I say.

Christmas and New Year passed without too much free time. Or should I say, without too much control over my time. My Macintosh keeps on crashing my applications suddenly (am I the only Mac user with this problem!?) and that doesn't help, but after getting my contacts, todo list and schedule organized here I am again knowing not only where I am but also where I am heading to.

As a new proposal of this year I want to update more regularly this blog. Let's say once every two weeks. What a lame proposal xD Is more frequent than the current update rate and is not an impossible thing for me.

Today at work talking with the guys we decided to organize a small go tournament. I still like chess better, and now it got interesting since Jason keeps on beating me. There is nothing like challenge!

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